About Me

I am Veronica Stone, the creator and owner of Happy Place Spaces. I believe that everyone should experience their own oasis when they walk into their home and I am passionate about bringing your vision to life. Happy Place Spaces was created to beautify homes through Feng Shui, organizing, decorating, and cleaning to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Your home should be a place of rejuvenation, bring you joy, and appeal to your unique lifestyle.

I take the time to understand your dream for a space. I will guide you through the transformation process, from decluttering to decorating, so you fall back in love with your space and enjoy its functional beauty.

Portrait of Veronica

Along with my formal education and professional experience, I have tackled numerous personal home projects, such as developing a basement, decorating, organizing, and more! I have my Professional Organizing Certification, Professional Home Decorating Certification, and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary. And, after 10+ years as an owner of a professional cleaning business and 5 years as co-owner of a home inspection business, I decided it was time for me to create Happy Place Spaces to bring all of my passions together.

Together, we will discuss your vision for your home and transform it into a functionally beautiful space – into your Happy Place!

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Our Philosophy

Our moods, motivation, and quality of life are influenced by our environments. We believe that an organized, clean, and beautiful home can improve your life. Functionality is improved with organization and tidy homes create a more peaceful experience.

Each of our designs focus on creating a desired mood in each space. Whether vibrant and energizing or calm and relaxing, the colours, textures, style, and décor are all carefully considered to match your vision. Your home should be a Happy Place and we work with you to bring your vision to life.

My Inspiration

In 2019, I went through a life change and found that purging, organizing, and redecorating my home helped to propel me into an improved mental space. I added joyful, uplifting colours and artwork to help create positivity in my home and created spaces that resonated with my soul. It was transformational. As per Marie Kondo’s philosophy of keeping only what you love, I also removed any items that held negative energy or memories.

I believe that our home can reflect our inner world. When we are overwhelmed with life, our homes take the back burner and things can begin to build up. Let me clear that space and provide you with more mental space to move forward and live your best life.