Hey there! Step into a world of cozy vibes and organized bliss.  I’m your go-to home organizer in Calgary, and I’m excited to share my top picks for great decor and functional storage solutions. Spruce up your space with a dash of style and a pinch of order! Ready to give your home a friendly facelift? Dive into the fun, shop seamlessly with Amazon links, and let’s make your space feel like home sweet home!

Multi-Purpose Organizational Products

Clear Stackable Bins: Clear bins are very useful in a variety of uses, particularly inside cabinets as they allow for ease to pick up and put away while also being able to cleary see what is stored inside! Highly recommend in kitchens, bathrooms, offices… pretty much anywhere! You can also add labels onto these with ease.

Variety Pack of Clear Bins (w/lids):  This organizing set is a great starter pack as it has a variety of sizes to work with, and bonus it also comes with lids!! Great for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and so much more.

Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer: This is a great product because it can expand and adjust to fit most drawers. Also, this one has large enough sections that allow for long utensils and other items to fit in nicely. Can be used in the kitchen, office or bathroom!

Bamboo Drawer Bins: First off, how much do you love the bamboo drawer products! I bet as much as I do, they look so great and are durable. These are great to use in a variety of areas of the home to separate loose and small items in a drawer.

Clear Drawer Organizers Bins:  This set of organizing bins for inside drawers has a variety of sizes so you can customize to your needs and size of drawer. This set also comes with grippy dots on the bottom to hold them into place. Highly recommend in kitchens, bathrooms, offices… pretty much anywhere!

Bamboo Drawer Dividers: These drawer dividers are so versatile to help keep your items organized in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom and more! They can be used for cooking utensils, body products, folded clothing… the possibilities are endless!

*Note: Drawer dividers come in different lengths, while they expand, be sure to measure the length of your drawer so you can get the right size for your organizational needs!

Kitchen Organizational Products

Can Organizer:  This organizer is a great way to keep your cans organized, with ease to see the labels!

Spice Jar Set:  This 24 pc. spice jar set is adorable, it comes with a large variety of labels for both the front and the top of the jar!

Pot Lid Organizer: This organizing product is a game changer for the kitchen, you can use it to vertically organizer pans, lids, baking sheets, baking pans, decorative trays and more!

Air Tight Food Canisters:  This set of clear OXO Pop canisters is my favorite as they are so easy to open and close. They also allow you to see how much you have left of the food inside. I highly recommend these for baking supplies and any other food items you want to keep air tight!

Bedrooms & Closets

Large Fabric Bins: These bins are great for the front entry and closets to store gloves, hats, scarves, shoes and more! They look great too!

Fabric Drawer Bins: These are perfect for more dresser drawers to help keep your clothing organized, categorized and in place. You can use the variety of sizes to best suit your needs.

Home Improvement

Dimmer Switch: Dimmer switches help us to adjust the lighting throughout the day to create spaces that are more cozy while setting the ideal mood we desire. I highly recommend these nearly everywhere!

Flushmount Lighting: These simple lights are a great replacement for those older style ‘boob’ lights that everyone despises. What i love about these one is you can adjust the color temperature to ensure you have the right color warmth!

Garage Organizational Products

Heavy Duty Bin: Bins are needed to help store your items into organized categories, such as ‘Gardening’ or ‘Hockey Equipment’. These are great heavy duty, stackable bins. Be sure to buy enough for your project so that you can have them all match!

Heavy Duty Shelving: Using your vertical storage space is key to maximize your garage space, these are great shelving units to help stack your tools, bins and more!

Variety of Wall Hooks: Hooks, hooks and more hooks! These are your best friend when it comes to a garage. Getting things hung and off the floor is key to creating a special place for each item you need to store in your garage. Great for ladders, sports equipment, tools and more!

Broom & Tool Hooks: In garages we often have many tools that can be hung using a broom holder. These are necessary for shovels, brooms and more!

Bike Hooks: There are a variety of bike hooks on the market there. I like these ones as you can place them exactly where you’d like in your garage, though I do recommend finding a stud, or adding a 2×4′ backing to increase the strength of the screws.

Wall Mounted Storage Bins: These are great to store your screws, nails, and other small items in your garage! So many variety of uses. These bins can pop on and off for convenient use.

Christmas Organizational Products

Christmas Tree Bag: Wrap that majestic tree up like the gift it is. No more wrestling with branches, and it stays dust-free until it’s time to shine again

Clear Bins for Ornaments: Let’s talk organization within the organization! Sort those ornaments by color, so you’re ready to switch up your decor theme next year. Easy, peasy.

Wreath Bag: Preserve those wreaths with care. Hang them like the masterpieces they are until the next holiday season.

Large Bins for Misc. Decor: Make the miscellaneous stuff fun – go for green and red colors on bins! They’re not just practical; they’re a breeze to spot in the holiday hustle.