Home Organizing

Make space for the life you want to live.

Decluttering and organizing your home is the most effective way to take back your space, create room to breathe, and improve the look and feel of your home.

All of our organization sessions start with decluttering. Led by you, together we will decide what you need to keep, want to donate, are able to sell, and what needs to be disposed of. After decluttering, we will create systems to store everything else; neatly and practically.

We have services to meet every need and budget. Take a look at our packages to see which best suits you!

Free 15 min Virtual Consultation
Great opportunity to show me the spaces via video that are troubling you, and get some tips on the spot that your can implement yourself! Or if DIY isn’t your thing, this is a great opportunity to get a feel for us to see if we are the right fit for creating your happy place at home.
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Organizing Sessions


Feeling overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ in your home? Are the objects in your home taking over your space? Unsure of where to start, or what is even possible for your space?
You aren’t alone. I am here for you equipped with a plan and an understanding heart. Let’s do this!

All Organization Sessions Include:

  • In-Home Consultation (Up to 1 additional hour added onto session)
  • Room Systemization Strategy with Product Recommendations
  • Sustainable Organization Coaching
  • Donation Service (Limited to what fits in my SUV)
  • Guided Meditation (Optional)
  • Sage Space Clearing (Optional)
  • Packages
    • Bite Sized Session (4 hours) – $250.00
    • 1 Full Day Session (7 hours) – $420.00
    • 5 Full Day Sessions (5x 7 hrs =30 hours) – $1750.00
      +GST on all services.

Service Add-Ons

Beyond organizing I can help you love your home more through these following add-ons

    • Floor Plan Layout – $100.00
    • Decorating Plan – $350.00
    • One Hour Styling – $100.00
    • Whole Home Sage Space Clearing – $100.00

DIY Organization Consultation

$75 to $125
Want to brainstorm together, then tackle the project yourself? Choose between an In-Home Consultation (recommended) or a Virtual Consultation. After learning about your space and needs, you will be provided with a written recommendation report with a plan on how to organize your space!
  • 120 min In-Home Consultation – $225
  • 90 min Virtual Video Chat – $125

Home Organizational Support: 5 Week Program

Overwhelmed by the thought of organizing your home? We have an easy solution! Following our process, your home transformation is narrowed down into a few simple steps. Together, we will strategize, reorganize, and declutter five rooms in five weeks.

Home Organizational Support: 6 Week Program

$1950 5 week program


  • Initial In-Home Consultation: $125
  • Home Organizational Support: 5 Week Program – $1,950.00

After the program, we will leave you with a functional and beautiful home that is easy to maintain. This transformation is meant to promote overall well-being and joy in the home.

Step 1

Initial In-Home Consultation with you.

Step 2

Together, we will brainstorm with a Pinterest Board and create a Sustainable Organization Strategy.

Step 3

We will help you source storage pieces and coach you in Sustainable Habits.

Step 4

We will join you once a week for 6 hours to implement the strategy.

Step 5

We will check-in twice weekly to provide support if needed.

Step 6

Repeat the process for five rooms over the course of five weeks!

Home Office Organization

Every boss needs the right workspace. We will efficiently organize your existing space and create an energizing mood to promote productivity. From layout to style, for everything from file folders to furniture flow, we will create a more functional space for you and your business.


  • Efficiency Strategy
  • Storage System Sourcing
  • Hands-on Implementation

Choose one of the price packages above, and you are on your way to creating an office that you will enjoy being in!

Hands-On Organizing

We start with an organization strategy that clearly defines the space and its activities. Then, we outline the sustainable systems that can be used to create a positive environment. Finally, we help you source and even shop for the storage systems required to create this space and implement the strategy right along with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not want to get rid of anything?

Do not worry – we would never force you to get rid of anything. That being said, there are probably a few things that you did not even know you had and could likely do without.

Where do you take my unwanted items?

You have the option to choose your charity or destination for your items, or I will take them to my usual thrift stores and/or local community charities in Airdrie.

Do you take recyclables to the recycling depot?

Yes! I will haul away any items that can be recycled to the appropriate depot, this includes: cardboard, paper, plastics, books, electronics and household chemicals.

Are meditation and space clearing a necessary part of your organizing sessions?

While these practices help provide further support to letting go and creating a rejuvenated happy space, it will not hurt my feelings if you choose to opt out of these services.