Moving Support

Start fresh in your new home and create your Happy Place.

From packing and unpacking to staging, efficient organization systems and a fresh pair of eyes will enhance your moving experience and unlock your home’s full potential.

Selling your home? Declutter, organize, and stage

Showcase the best of your home.

You have lived in your home and you are used to the furniture layout and collection of personal items. Bringing in a fresh pair of designer eyes can help unlock new ideas to present the home’s full potential to attract your ideal buyer.

By decluttering and de-personalizing we will help your home feel more spacious, inviting and like a model-home to have the greatest appeal on the market. By rearranging furntirue to compliment the focal points of the room and removing bulky or ill-suited furniture from space we can do wonders with the items you already own, often less is more.

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Staging Consult

Showcase the best version of your home.

Staging helps potential buyers visualize themselves in your home through presenting an inviting home that is similar to a model home. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes helps you gain a buyer’s perspective, before listing the home! In these consults we will provide guidelines on what to de-personalize, de-clutter, re-arrange and display.

Get Your Home Ready!
$175 consultation


Clean out the past to prepare for the future.

While packing, we will create an organization system to allow for easy unpacking. We will guide you through the process to declutter, pack, and label efficiently to help reduce the stress of moving. We believe that decluttering is the best place to start to avoid packing and bringing unloved and unneeded items with you to your new home.

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$70 per hour OR $400 for 6 hour day


Home sweet home. This new chapter deserves your love and attention.

Imagine walking into your new home and it is already unpacked and organized. We will create organizational systems that are easy to maintain, design optimal room layouts based on your current furniture, and provide recommendations for future purchases that will enhance your space. We believe that organized homes create joy, and your home should flow based on your day to day lifestyle.

Add home decorating services and we will assist with the creation of your Happy Place through room layouts, color schemes, wall coverings, window coverings, as well as textile, décor, and furniture selection. 

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$70 per hour OR $400 for 6 hour day