Start fresh in your new home and create your Happy Place.

Moving is a beautiful opportunity to start fresh and create a space that is looks and feels great. Before moving it is a great time to let go of unwanted or unneeded items, before packing and hauling to your new place. Moving into a new home is also a great time to repaint, organize cupboards/closets and start new habits to create ease and flow in your home.

At Happy Place Spaces we offer a variety of services to support your moving experience. From decluttering and packing your current home prior to being listed; to offering room planning, unpacking, organization and styling your new home!

You deserve to have professional support to enhance your moving experience and create a happy place in your new home!

Planning to move, create a happier move by downsizing items you no longer want or need before moving.

Purge & Pack

Get ready for your next chapter.

Before listing your home for sale, consider downsizing and purging items you no longer love or need. Do your future-self a favor and start fresh in your new home. Avoid having unopened boxes sitting in your basement for years to come. Donating, selling, and purging items before moving allows you to benefit from saving the energy used to pack, move and unpack items you don’t actually like or need.

Work with a professional organizer to have provide guidance for the decision making on what to keep, sell and trash for greater peace of mind. Afterwards we can help you pack up your items in a organized way with clear labelling to make unpacking a breeze.

Get Ready to Move!

Sparkling Clean Home.

Present a fresh home.

Prior to listing your home and hosting showings it is best to have a deep clean done on your home to present your home in it’s best condition to potential buyers. On top of your standard cleaning routine, we recommend also cleaning the windows, appliances, light fixtures, cupboards, tile grout, as well as doors & trim. By doing a deep clean prior to having showings will present a more attractive home to buyers and save you time on the move-out clean after you do sell!

And Hey, we can help with that too!

Book a Cleaning
Sparkling clean home to help sell your home faster.
Styling or staging your home to attract the right buyers.

Last Step: Styling 

Showcase the best version of your home.

Staging helps potential buyers visualize themselves in your home through presenting an inviting home that is similar to a model home. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes helps you gain a buyer’s perspective, before listing the home! In these consults we will provide guidelines on what to de-personalize, de-clutter, re-arrange and display. From here you can make the changes yourself, or alternatively we can handle it for you!

Lastly, we can style and stage your home to sell using the items you already own! Vacant or half empty home? We have a network of stagers we can connect you with who have furniture & decor to bring into your home to help it look its best!

Get Your Home Ready!
$225 (+tax) Consultation

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Create space for the life you want.

Fresh Start.

Start off on the right foot.

Congrats on your new home! This is an opportunity to set new intentions for your next chapter in life. Clear out the energy from the previous owners through a deep cleaning (inside cupboards and all!) and/or having a space clearing. Many cultures have been harnessing the value of the practice for centuries, now space clearing and blessings are becoming more common in the Western world. Pair this with a move-in cleaning service to truly get a blank canvas to create your own memories in.

What a beautiful way to create a positive environment to begin the next chapter of your life. Transition into your new lifestyle!

Home Energy Clearing
$45/Hr Cleaning Service
$99 Home Energy Clearing


Home sweet home. This new chapter deserves your love and attention.

Imagine walking into your new home and it is already unpacked, organized and set up. We will create organizational systems that are easy to maintain while designing optimal room layouts based on your current furniture. We believe that organized homes create joy, and your home should flow based on your day to day lifestyle.

Get Moved In!
$480/day (7 hr day)
$1950/week (5 days or 30 hours)


Create the space for the life you desire.

This is the new home you have been wanting, now that its yours lets style it to look and feel the way you’ve always desired! Creating a space that truly lifts you up. As a happy place creator I learn about your needs, dreams and desires in life to help customize a decorating plan to support your vision. With all of my projects I like to infuse Feng Shui principles to help enhance the energy in a home and to support the well-being of my clients. Decorating services may include:

  • Room Layout
  • Color Scheme
  • Textile Selection
  • Decor Selection
  • Furniture Recommendations
  • Window Treatments
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More affordable than you think!

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Happy Place Spaces to facilitate your moving journey, you receive the benefit from hiring a multi-skilled professional who can customize our services to serve you best. From purging support and packing, to unpacking, organizing and decorating; we are a home transition facilitator who will make the moving process a smoother process.

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