Start fresh in your new home and create your Happy Place.


Starting fresh in your new home is like hitting the reset button, giving you the chance to design a space that’s not only visually appealing but also feels absolutely amazing. But before you pack up and head out, why not declutter and bid farewell to those unwanted items? It’s the perfect time to lighten your load and make moving a breeze. And once you’re settled in your new digs, why not add a fresh coat of paint, get those cupboards and closets in order, and kickstart new habits that promote an effortless and harmonious home life?

At Happy Place Spaces, we’ve got your back with an array of services to make your move a breeze. We offer pre-listing consults to help you show off your home’s best features, staging using your own furniture and décor (or our decor and accessories!), and expert assistance in decluttering and packing before your home hits the market. Plus, we can help you plan out each room in your new home, handle the unpacking, organize everything, and add that stylish touch to make your new home truly shine!

You deserve some professional support to make your move a memorable and joyful experience. Let us help you create the ultimate happy place in your new home!

Pre-Listing Staging Consultation

Staged to Sell.

Prepare your home for an exceptional selling experience with our Pre-listing Consultation service. Our team will guide you through a thorough assessment of each room, providing insightful staging and styling tips. Staging helps potential buyers visualize themselves in your home through presenting an inviting home that is similar to a model home. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes helps you gain a buyer’s perspective, before listing the home! In these consults we will provide guidelines on what to de-personalize, de-clutter, re-arrange and display. After the consultation, receive personalized Showing and Staging Checklists tailored to your home’s needs. From here you can make the changes yourself, or alternatively we can handle it for you! Create an inviting atmosphere that captivates buyers and sets the stage for a successful sale.

Contact us to unlock your home’s full potential and embark on a seamless selling journey.

Get Ready to List Your Home!

Purge & Pack

Get ready for your next chapter.

Do your future-self a favor and start fresh in your new home. Before moving to your new home, consider downsizing and purging items you no longer love or need. Avoid having unopened boxes sitting in your basement for years to come. Donating, selling, and purging items before moving allows you to benefit from saving the energy used to pack, move and unpack items you don’t actually like or need.

Work with a professional organizer to have provide guidance for the decision making on what to keep, sell and trash for greater peace of mind. Afterwards we can help you pack up your items in a organized way with clear labelling to make unpacking a breeze.

Get Ready to Move!

Ready, Set, Sell! Photo-Ready Styling 

Showcase the best version of your home.

Get ready for our “Photo-Ready Styling” service, where we transform your home into a captivating space for flawless listing photos. Using your existing decor, our expert stylists work their magic in a 90-minute appointment. This service is the finishing touch after your home has been cleaned, decluttered, and is ready for professional photography. Get ready to make a lasting impression on potential buyers with a beautifully styled home that shines in every shot.

Home looking bare? Add on a bundle of staging decor for an additional charge. 

Get Your Home Styled for Photos!

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Create space for the life you want.


Home sweet home. This new chapter deserves your love and attention.

Imagine walking into your new home and it is already unpacked, organized and set up. We will create organizational systems that are easy to maintain while designing optimal room layouts based on your current furniture. We believe that organized homes create joy, and your home should flow based on your day to day lifestyle.

Get Moved In!


Create the space for the life you desire.

This is the new home you have been wanting, now that its yours lets style it to look and feel the way you’ve always desired! Creating a space that truly lifts you up. As a happy place creator I learn about your needs, dreams and desires in life to help customize a decorating plan to support your vision. With all of my projects I like to infuse Feng Shui principles to help enhance the energy in a home and to support the well-being of my clients. Decorating services may include:

  • Optimizing what you already own  *We can accomplish a lot doing this!*
  • Room Layout
  • Color Consultation
  • Textiles (Bedding, Pillows, Curtains, Area Rugs) Selection
  • Wall Art & Decor Selection
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Why Choose Us?

By choosing Happy Place Spaces to facilitate your moving journey, you receive the benefit from hiring a multi-skilled professional who can customize our services to serve you best. From purging support and packing, to unpacking, organizing and decorating; we are a home transition facilitator who will make the moving process a smoother process.

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